Two Shall Become One Tuesday: Marriage Survey

Sue, the author of Praise and Coffee blog posted a set of survey questions for married women like me. It has been two days since I last read this, but it's only now that I could post my answer due to busy-ness. Now that I'm in my blogging mode, I shall try to answer them with whole honesty and propriety. If you wish to share your answers, either leave a comment or direct me to your site where you have posted your answers. I would love to know your thoughts on these.
1. How would you rate your marriage on a scale of 1-10?
(1 being poor, not much partnership, 10 being that he's your best friend and things are great)
I say we're 8. We may argue about a lot of things, but when it's time to put our acts together and do our responsibilities to our family, we really are a team. Even if I share with him things that he does not agree with, I am confident that our different views will not change his commitment to our marriage. 8 not 10 because I feel our communication pattern still has a room for improvement.

2. Is making your marriage better a high priority to you?
Yes. I believe praying for our marriage first before anything else plays a big part in what we have accomplished as a couple so far. Prioritizing the betterment of our marriage is God's will.

3. Do you resent your husband? Why?
There were times when I resented him for not meeting my expectations, usually those we have not discussed thoroughly. But after a good talk, I get freed from any ill-feelings instantaneously.

4. Do you like your husband's friends? Yes! They become my brothers and sisters. Some officemates though act differently when I'm around, but that does not hinder me from extending myself to them. my husband's real friend would definitely like me as a friend, too.

5. What are some of the top things you would like to change about your marriage? (Please don't say "my husband") Just teasing!
If I could, I would add few months of just being the two of us before my first pregnancy. I do not regret having ST, but it would have been great to have a period in an intimate relationship when you have less competition for attention. Even a fetus can be a big time competition, not in a bad way though.
6. How often do you eat dinner together? Every night, unless I get really sleepy or hungry, or he calls to say he’ll eat in the office to finish an overtime work.

7. Do you work outside the home? No, not yet. We agreed to go back to work when my son ZT turns 1. He is one now, so as soon as we find a new apartment, I will start checking the ads again.

8. Who does the chores in the home? I and our housemaids

9. What is your favorite thing to do together with your husband? I love prayer walking, watching movie (be it in theater or just on the sofa in front of our 13-inch tv), discussing (even if it turns passionate sometimes), shopping, doing groceries, serving in the church (especially when I sing back-up for him during Sunday praise and worship), just lazing on the coach, and serving the kids (praying, story-telling, tucking them to bed, singing, dancing, playing, watching tv, and many more) with him.

10. How's the bedroom life? Let me be more specific...are you happy with where it's at and would you say your husband is happy with it? Let’s just rate this, from 1 to 10 where 1 is lowest and 10 is highest, I say we are having an 8. With kids around, sometimes the go becomes wait, and wait means let’s try tomorrow, Lord willing!

11. Have you ever gone to a marriage conference together? No. But we have had several marriage sessions with our friends in the church handled by our pastor and wife.

12. Is your husband a Christian? Are you? We are both Christians and actively serving God in our family and church.

13. If you are and he is not, how does he feel about your faith? Irrelevant


The last two questions are what I wish you could share from your end.

14. Is there anything I can pray for you and your husband? your marriage?
15. Do you have a testimony regarding any areas of marriage which I could feature in my blog which will encourage other couples?

3 Hearts who chimed in:

FULL OF JOY said...

What great questions, and honest answers. I can't answer them all, but we are an 8 too.

I am still hung up on the housemaids part, got to love different cultures!

Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks for posting this and being so transparent with your answers!

Michele Williams said...

Is everything alright? We have not heard from you in a long time. Praying for you... God bless you..

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